Rushing Yards For New York

The Giants are Back on Track

The New York Giants have won 8 Super Bowls over the years, but despite this amount of success, there are two teams yet to be overtaken by them: the Green Bay packers with 13 Super Bowl wins and the Chicago Bears with 9 victories. The current Giants lineup is not enough to consider them tough competition for the Super Bowl, but they are somewhat in a better shape than they were at the end of 2012. In the past year, the New York Giants accomplished many of their season’s goals but it is still hard to find cheap New York Giants tickets.

While their pass completion percentage is at 57 percent, their longest pass is at an amazing 70 yards. That means that their passing technique is far from excellent, but they do tend to equalize that disadvantage with a wide range of other skills that they possess. When looking at their performances vs their opponents’ performances, one thing is for sure: the New York Giants are a team that plays smart and efficient, and are getting better. What other way to get an inside look on a team’s efficiency than to look at the sheets. Passing New York Giants seem to be having some trouble with their QB (passer rating) which is 67.6 percent, while at the other hand their opponents have had a QB of 78.3 percent.

Their rushing technique is also to be doubted, the numbers say that they have had 77 rushing first downs while their opponents have had 101.

New York Giants has been very successful at punting. On average they have returned an amazing 13.6 yards on punts while their opponents weren’t as successful with an average number of 7.2 yards per punt. To give you a better look at the stats like this: New York Giants have returned 655 yards quite successful unlike their opponents which have returned only 246 yards. The New York Giants have a weakness in how predictable they are though, as they are frequently intercepted. In the last season, the New York Giants’ passes were intercepted 98 times, while the New York Giants have intercepted 79 passes. The number of their touchdowns for the past season is 32, while there were 42 touchdowns by their opponents.

Though their passing isn’t at its best, it can be called their signature tactic, because at most times that is what kept them in the game and gave them potential for victory. They also seem to dominate their Run Defense and their Kicking Game. Injuries have become quite common inside of their pass defense, we can only hope that they can pull it through without taking much damage from their opponents through that area of defense.