AT&T Stadium and, Them Boys

Informative Details About AT&T Stadium

The Dallas Cowboys are an American football team and their home stadium is known as AT&T stadium. This stadium is domed and has a capacity of eighty thousand seats which is expandable to one hundred thousand seats consequently making it the largest domed stadium in the world. The stadium was opened in 2009 and it was previously known as the Cowboys Stadium. The cost of building the stadium was a total of $ 1.3 billion where it was fitted with state of the art features so buy Dallas Cowboys tickets today before they get to expensive.

One of the most outstanding features in the AT&T stadium is the giant high definition television screen which is hanged at the center of the stadium. This screen has dimensions of forty nine by twenty two meters which makes it the largest in the world to be placed in a stadium. The screen caused controversy on the first game that the Dallas Cowboys played in this stadium after a punt hit the screen and was ruled in-play. However, the officials later realized that the punt hit the screen and it was ruled out of play. That is the only instance that the screen has caused controversy during play since after all it is approximately ten feet above the minimum height allowed by the NFL regulations.

This stadium also has other features such as eating places and rest rooms amongst others. These facilities are meant to make the fans comfortable while watching the game. The sitting arrangement in the stadium is segregated with some sections being more posh than others. This is mainly determined by the closeness to the playing area and also the amenities provided in different sections of the stadium. The hospitality in this stadium is also top class where fans can enquire and get served with the things which are sold in the stadium. Furthermore, both adults and children get to enjoy the games and provide support for their team. Even people with physical disabilities can access the stadium using wheel chairs and get to enjoy the various games just like everyone else.

Transport to the AT&T stadium is efficient where there are diverse modes of transport to and from the stadium coming from different directions of the stadium. Private car owners can also just park their cars and proceed to watch the games comfortable. Security is enhanced especially during the games where fans are checked while entering the stadium and also monitored while watching the games to avoid bad behaviour. Most of the fans who attend games in this stadium are well behaved and there have been very few cases of misbehaving. As a result, people of different ages can comfortably watch games without worrying about security problems. Therefore, the AT&T provides the Dallas Cowboys an ideal opportunity to support their team while playing at home.