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The Book of Mormon Songs – Catchy, Shocking and Utterly Brilliant

The Book of Mormon has shocked and entertained audiences since it was first brought to the stage in 2011. This witty, cutting and downright hilarious musical contains songs that are unforgettable and brilliant. With performances of the show taking place globally from Broadway to the West End, it’s clear that the controversial performance has worked its way into the hearts and minds of audiences, bringing critical acclaim and huge success. What is it about this musical that brings in audiences again and again? Well, it certainly has something to do with the memorable songs, the backbone of any musical theatre, and we’re taking a look at the best from the show. So, get your Book of Mormon discount tickets today!

First up, it wouldn’t go without mentioning the opening number of the musical. This song has arguable had the most exposure with performances such as on the 2012 Tony Awards, and for good reason. The chiming, upbeat song throws us into the comic and fast-paced world of The Book of Mormon with what at first appears to be a straight-faced, if little flamboyant, introduction to the door-to-door missionaries of the religion. As the tempo picks up and the chiming becomes a little more insistent, the expertly choreographed lyrics overlap and events begin descending into enthusiastic religious fervor. This song introduces us to the less-than-perfect character of Elder Cunningham and sets us up for whatever mischief is in store with the rest of the performance.

You won’t be disappointed by further songs following the high bar set by ‘Hello’. ‘Turn It Off’ is another tongue-in-cheek look at the repressive coping strategies associated with religion. Particularly fantastic lines include “my Hetero side just won… find the box that’s gay and CRUSH IT, okay?” Comedic timing, again, really makes this song – not to mention the tap-dancing interlude that epitomizes the absurdity but sheer brilliance of the musical. If you fancy following the advice of the song then always remember to “Treat those pesky feelings like a reading light… turn it off!”

The pinnacle of satire may come with the song ‘I Believe‘. This soulful ballad begins, as with ‘Hello’, with shreds of sincerity which are promptly ripped apart by the following lyrics. One example, “I believe that God has a plan for all of us, and I believe that plan involves me getting my own planet”. The lyrics will leave you open-mouthed, but utterly in stitches.

With the brilliant array of songs that take place throughout the performance of The Book of Mormon, it is a real challenge to pick only a few of the best, but these catchy, satirical and altogether side-splitting numbers are well worth a mention from such a unique and ground-breaking musical.