FedEx Field

FedEx Field, the Home of Washington Redskins

You want to tour the largest stadium in the NFL? Welcome to FedEx Field Stadium, the home of the great NFL team, Washington Redskins. I’ll take you through the stadium tour right here, in this article. In a nutshell, the stadium is located in Landover, Maryland so get your Washington Redskins tickets today. Its construction was initiated in 1996 and was completed later in 1997. FedEx Field has a seating capacity of 91,704. The seating area is classified into 5 levels, among which is the standard seating and 3 luxury suites. The stadium setup makes use of high end technological innovation for an amazing experience, in and around the stadium.

A Brief History of FedEx Field
Washington Redskins had faced a lot of criticism due to their predecessor stadium, Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium. They then, in 1994, sought to construct a stadium which would be equivalent to their fame and name. The venue that was chosen was in accordance with several issues, some of them being parking facilities and accessibility from New York City. A project worth $250 million was begun on a 200-acre site in 1996. The facility was fully completed and opened 17 months later.

FedEx Field Design
As mentioned earlier, the stadium can accommodate 91,704 seated fans. The seating plan has 5 levels. There are 3 luxury suites – the Lower Suite Level, the Upper Suite Level, and the Upper Level. The other two levels are the Lower Level and the Club Level. Interesting is that the suites have a lounge area, bar stools, restrooms, televisions, and a 15,044 seating space. This upper space houses the Redskins’ executives and the most honored team players. Each of the levels is given an official name corresponding to an important figure of the Redskins. For instance, upper level is officially named “Pete Rozelle Upper Level”, the club level is known as “Joe Gibbs Club Level”, and finally the lowest level is named “George Preston Marshall Lower Level.”

Recent Renovations
Major renovations of the FedEx Field stadium were done in October 2013. The Washington Redskins had to channel $27 million towards the renovation. The major improvements and installations include replacement of the video control room, new HD video boards, and installation of traffic alert system. The new installations also featured the locker of the late Sean Taylor which is used for viewing for the fans on the Club Level.
There is security procedures to which everybody has to adhere while in FedEx Field. Security search is done to establish whether anyone is in possession of the prohibited items. Prohibited items include;
– Food and Beverages.

– Illegal Drugs.
– Any kind of containers.
– Animals such as pets (Except for special cases).
– Accessories such as any kind of bags, chairs, umbrellas, noise makers, whistles, horns.
-Weapons or Firearms.

In conclusion, entry and parking require advance tickets and parking passes. Washington Redskins have offices and official websites from where anyone can purchase advance tickets or parking passes. Two hours prior to the kickoff, the stadium gates are always open to allow fans in for the game.