Redskins Defense


The Redskins’ fans are holding their breaths as they monitor the preparations of the team closely. Their hope is that the team rises from last years’ performance and performs good enough to at least make it to the playoffs. The new season is just around the corner and preparations are in top gear so get your cheap Redskins tickets today. Everything is being done to ensure that the team is in good shape by the time they take on The Houston Texans in their opening March of the season on the seventh of September in Houston. In their pre season matches, they play New England, Cleveland, Baltimore and Tampa Bay on the Seventh, eighteenth, twenty third and twenty eighth of August respectively. Let us take a look at their strengths and some of their most glaring weaknesses.

The Weakness: The Quarter back Situation
In the past season, RGIII performed below expectations, especially after undergoing a surgery. In fact, many fans questioned his potential to be in the starting line-up. This is a very valid concern because apparently this is the team’s biggest weakness. Since his promotion from college football to the NFL, RGIII hasn’t risen to the occasion to really impress as widely anticipated. He has to change his style of play, especially after the injuries. Back in 2012, the read option of play was used to confuse the DE‘s. The quarterback is always the target of the DE, whether the ball is handed off by the QB or not. This is actually more of an offense risk than a risk of the defense. It remains to be seen whether this play can be effective. It is, however useless now. As we move forward, RGIII should prove himself as a passer. As the Redskins are taking a new direction, some things are bound to change. If, in the coming season Kirk Cousins out plays RGIII, there may arise a Quarterback dilemma in the team. It remains to be seen, but this may cause some friction among the team members and threatens to be a real weakness for the Skins.

The Strength: A Brand New Coach
The Skins hope that they will experience renewal and rejuvenation under the new head coach, Jay Gruden. Expectations are high in the new coach. One of his greatest assets is impartiality. He is expected to work in the interest of winning and not pleasing fans. In any game, the final result is always what matters and he will work to help the team gel and be in harmony to be able to post better results in the new season.